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there for 12 hours two days in a row watching us do this dance didn't go back to his trailer just stood there like pat senior. >> rose: he seems like a mentor, something special come out on this. there's this famous scene that took place and we talked about this. this is when you were at the actor's studio asking a question about acting. here it is. >> hello mr. deniro. my name is brandly cooper. my question is about awakingsennings. you talked about i don't remember research. there was one manner sum had during the interview process and they were asking you wanted to go out side the building go for walk and you went like this with your finger and you made up for it into rubbing your eyebrow. i was wondering is that something you saw people do to sort of try to make up for their ticks or was that something that happened in the moment. >> that's a good question. >> what time. [laughter] >> rose: let me go back to these other movies. there's also the hangover part three. how many of these can there be&how many can you enjoy doing. >> the hangover, it's over. >> rose: why. >> i don't kn
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)